Friday, June 8, 2007

Akon Throws a Fan

Last weekend at a concert A 15 year old threw somthing at Akon and Take a look at the rest.

If you are someone in the music industry I don't know if that is the best way to handle the situations. Now this childs mother is suing Akon for wrong doing. I have no Idea what he was thinkg when he did this. Why would you do this infront of Thousand of people and expect to get away with it. In my opion I think that the Kid had it coming to him. I loved that Akon handled it him self. The kid was not injured at all but Akon still has to be smater beacuase he is just opening the door for a big lawsui. Was this the right thing to do and should this mother Sue akon?


Anonymous said...

it is awesome none the less. lawsuits are out of control now-a-days. akon's mom should counter sue the kid for spraining akon's back when he picked him up. where are the good ol days when people just shot each other without threat of lawsuit. i'll bust a lawsuit in ur ass.


Anonymous said...

OK, that was funny, but he sent somebody from his possy to go get the kid. Akon didn't even handle it himself. It made him look pretty tough to bust out his big pecks then have one of his thugs grab a scrawny little fifteen year old so he could throw him.

Wow Akon, you are a real man now.

I mean for real, have you ever been to a show? People throw stuff on stage the whole time. The only way to deal with it is to ignore it. I want to go to an akon show now and throw stuff at him.


Anonymous said...

hahah akon's a tool. he obviously wanted a chance to show off his macho macho self. i'd sue him too, why not make a couple quick bucks off a rich idiot's mistake? lol