Wednesday, June 13, 2007

linkin park "What I've Done"

Over all I like this video. Some of the shots are really good. I like it when bands but together a video like this to put a message out to the people that there are so many horrible things going on in our Country and others that need to be changed. The only thing I dident like is the bands part in the video it reminds me so much of U2 Vertigo Video oyther then that I liked it. You guys like this or not?

Friday, June 8, 2007

Akon Throws a Fan

Last weekend at a concert A 15 year old threw somthing at Akon and Take a look at the rest.

If you are someone in the music industry I don't know if that is the best way to handle the situations. Now this childs mother is suing Akon for wrong doing. I have no Idea what he was thinkg when he did this. Why would you do this infront of Thousand of people and expect to get away with it. In my opion I think that the Kid had it coming to him. I loved that Akon handled it him self. The kid was not injured at all but Akon still has to be smater beacuase he is just opening the door for a big lawsui. Was this the right thing to do and should this mother Sue akon?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Manager Outburst

Last week a minor league manager did not agree with a called strike and went off, watch the video to find out the rest.

Should this be aloud in baseball. Any other sport this does not happen. Why is it only in baseball that the mangers go out all the time to fight with the umpire. You see coachs getting thrown out of basketball games somthime but they never make a big show like this. This manager only got three game suspension. In my opinion I think that it is funny and baseball is not all exciting but if I knew there was a possibility of seeing this again I might go to a minor league baseball game. Should this be aloud in baseball?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Rod Distracts

A cople Nights ago The Yankees were playing the Blue jays. There were two outs: Alex Rodriguez
was runing to third where the pop fly was hit and as he ran by the Third basemen that was about to catch the ball Alex said Got it. The Third basmen moved from his postion and the ball droped to the ground. Was this the right thing to do you ask? I think that it is fair game. I don't see anything wrong with it. I think that the Theird baseman is so upset beacuse he looked so stupid and he wanted to blame Alex for making him look stuid. I thought it was a good idea for him to distract the Third basemen. Do you guys think that it is right for players to do this?

Monday, June 4, 2007

Why Tennis Stars Scream?

I was watching the french Open for a while and I was wondering why do tennis players scream after hitting the ball. I don't understand it. I can't see that it helps them with power. If it helped them with power Pitchers and quaterbacks would be screaming all over the place. I don't understand why tennis players feel the need to scream I had to turn it off because I was fed up with the screaming. Can some one Please let me know why they scream.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Last night was the best NBA game I have seen sience MJ days. The way Labron james took over that game was incredible. I can't believe that this kid is only 22. He had clutch shot after clutch shot in the forth and in the overtimes. That was the main problem with labron is that he could not hit the big shot. People siad that he was not a fourth quater player. What I think is that the media is so Impatient they want the next great player right now instead of waiting for one to devleop. I think that he is the next great player. I think that the Cavs will make it to the finals but will lose in the finals. I still think that labron is going to be the best player in the NBA. Kobe is getting older and I just think that Labron is a leader. He is not a guy who wants to put up 40 points a game but when he has to he will. He is very happy with having 10 points and 20 assist rater then 50 points and 2 assist. I think that this kid just grew up last night and I can't wait to watch game six is should be a great one. Here is a stat from last night labron had 29 of the Cavs 30 points.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I hate when players who are making millions complain and ask to be traded. So Kobe what are you thinking asking for a trade you have a team that is willing to pay big bucks for players and you have the best coach in the NBA and you want to leave. That is what he said Yesterday but today oh wait he changed his mind. He says he loves the team and wants to stay with the team. If you are unsure about what you want to do don't go on a radio show demanding a trade. Maybe you want to think about your actions before you act. If I were the owner of the lakers I would never trade Kobe even if he asked he is the best player right now so eaither way he is still going to be a Laker so stop crying Kobe.